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Are You Watching Me - Review

Are You Watching Me? - Sinéad Crowley

I was a huge fan of Sinead Crowley's first book and so was very excited to get this one - and it was a corker.

Claire Boyle is back (thank heavens I LOVE her), having had her baby and working to get her feet firmly back in the world of Policing. Meanwhile, Liz Cafferky is receiving some disturbing mail. When a body is discovered, Claire finds herself embroiled in the secrets and lies surrounding a local men's shelter.

I love how the author mixes police procedural with intense character drama - a touch of the Tana French about it as we follow along with someone external to our main series protagonist and see a snapshot of their lives before, during and after - always intriguing to see both sides of the fence so to speak.

There is an addictive mystery element running through the narrative, some lovely little twists and turns and some real world issues once more getting a spotlight. That alongside some great characters make this a real page turner and a welcome addition to the ever growing Crime and Mystery family.

Overall a terrific read. Highly Recommended.

Happy Reading Folks!