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Pretty Is - Full Review

Pretty Is: A Novel - Maggie Mitchell

Pretty Is – a book I read a while ago but held off on reviewing until nearer publication, is a beautifully atmospheric, haunting and emotional read that will both tug on the heartstrings and absolutely enthrall you.

At it’s heart a story of a friendship and bond developed under the most extreme of circumstances, Pretty Is also ticks the boxes on mystery and intrigue, although this is very much secondary to a character piece that gives a snapshot of two very different, but equally fascinating women.

Thrown together when both are kidnapped, Carly May and Lois develop a very up and down but seemingly solid relationship – flash forward to years later, we meet them as grown women who have lost contact and are living very different lives. As the story unfolds from both points of view, the author weaves a clever web, showing different interpretations of past events and leading both Carly and Lois into an uncertain future.

The truth about what happened all those years ago comes out in beautiful little snippets of information – a film that is being made based on the kidnapping bringing the two girls together again but not, perhaps, in the ways you might expect. It is all genuinely gripping – there is a marvelous psychological depth to both of the main protagonists that just immerses you into their lives and holds you, riveted, until the final pages.

This is a stunning debut – sure to be one of the standouts of the year, it is difficult to believe that Maggie Mitchell has not written endless novels, honing her craft, but nope this is a first – which is very exciting. An author to watch for sure “Pretty Is” comes very highly recommended from me.

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