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The Hunt - Review

The Hunt - Tim Lebbon

Blimey that was a read and a half. Or more even. BAM starts off at a hell of a pace, never lets up and is utterly gripping. If EVER a novel should be made into a movie this one is it - but still as a written story it stands tall as a really really excellently addictive and breathtaking thriller.

So Chris comes home to find his family missing - and heads straight into a nightmare. On the run, but not able to attempt escape, his only hope is a woman who has her own agenda and may not necessarily be any help at all...

This really is a relentless read that unfolds at breakneck speed, no time to take a breath, really well written to keep you on the edge of your seat through the whole hectic glorious rush of it all. Really great bad guys (always a plus in a thriller), a family in peril (gulp) and a deliciously drawn anti-heroine in Rose who you may well end up caring about more than all the others put together.

I think this one was even better for me due to a lot of it being set around Snowden, an area I know well and which the author brings to vivid life in his eclectically descriptive way that made me feel I was right there. It just gave an added extra to the whole feel of it.

Overall then a superb read. Absolutely highly recommended especially if you like your thrillers served hot.

Happy Reading Folks!