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The Wrong Girl - Review

The Wrong Girl - Laura Wilson

A really beautifully written and atmospheric family drama come psychological thriller here from Laura Wilson - a highly addictive and often haunting read that is utterly gripping.

Janice gets a phone call to say her brother has died - shocked not only by this but by the fact that the caller is her daughter, adopted at birth, she returns home to find out what is going on. There she ends up embroiled in family secrets whilst desperately trying to establish an emotional connection with the child she thought she would never see again...

This is a multi layered and many faceted story - about family, adoption, identity and all the emotional resonance that comes with that, all dealt with intelligently and with real impact - whilst also having a really terrific mystery element that will keep you avidly turning the pages.

I'm being careful not to say too much, the author having obviously taken inspiration from real life headlines to create some of the tale, there is an authentic and truly emotive feel overall as you move through the lives of these characters, all of whom are intriguing and beautifully drawn.

The heartache that surrounds missing children cases is a large part of what makes "The Wrong Girl" so touching in places, Laura Wilson has created a distinct and affecting voice through young Molly and indeed through all her characters here that paint a picture of the grief and suffering that comes often from simply not knowing. It all has a huge impact, a story that will stay with you long after finishing.

Overall then a really great read. Not that I was expecting anything less from Ms Wilson who has that delicate touch when it comes to story flow which means you are ever engaged and involved.

Highly Recommended.