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The One - Review.

The One - Kiera Cass

I have to say I have been THOROUGHLY entertained and engaged by the Selection series from Kiera Cass - they are so beautifully popcorn. You know what I mean - you can dive in, live the fairytale, have a little bit of an adventure, a few sad moments, a lot of happy ones and come out the other side feeling totally satisfied.

In "The One" the selection process is coming to a close. America's up and down relationship with Prince Maxon comes to a head - as does her battle with his father - and the rebels are up to no good yet again.

The writing in these is extremely well constructed, the author describes her characters perfectly through their actions and conversations - it is all extremely readable and well flowing. I have fallen more for America than I thought I would over the course of the three books so far - I was pleased she finally stopped faffing around with her choice of man and finally understands just who it is she is in love with. IS it the Prince? Or is it her childhood sweetheart?. As a love story this is pretty good - and that from me is a high compliment as I don't really tend to enjoy full on romantic notions.

In this case though there is a side of adventure and danger to be had in the form of the rebels - to be fair this tends to be a bit sudden - there is a plethora of beautiful dresses and all the rest then BAM something will get into the middle of all that. But it does put a bit of yin/yang into a tale that might otherwise have been a little too saccharine for my tastes.

Overall really really good. Dying to know what is next for them all.