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Never Die Alone - Review

Never Die Alone (A Bentz/Montoya Novel) - Lisa Jackson

I've dipped in and out of this series from Lisa Jackson - have enjoyed all the ones that I have read, this was a slight departure for her as it focused more on some of the surrounding characters- I loved that about it, kind of a different angle but with the same feel

It worked really well - the tale is one of a killer, thought to be in jail, who kidnaps twins on the eve of their 21st birthday and kills them at the time of their birth. When another set of twins goes missing the game is afoot. So to speak.

There were some gorgeous little twists and turns in this one, the whole subject of twins I find fascinating. Part of the plot involves a support group for surviving twins - losing a sibling is never easy, with twins if there is any truth to the duality theory must be incredibly difficult. The subject is explored in a really interesting way here as the different participants have different stories.

Then there is the mystery element which is well imagined, often tense edge of the seat stuff, the opening portion sets the scene really well, in a heart stopping way and from there on in it is totally addictive reading.

Overall then another really good novel from the pen of Lisa Jackson that has ensured I will continue to read these wherever possible. And I really should go back and fill in the gaps.

Happy Reading Folks!