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Charm and Strange - Review

Charm and Strange - Stephanie Kuehn

I picked up Charm and Strange for two reasons. One was that "Delicate Monsters" by the same author had recently been recommended to me and because I had already loved "Complicity" which had put Stephanie Kuehn firmly on my reading radar in the first place.

Now I've finished this I'm honestly not sure what to feel about it. It was a pure read for me - straight through pretty much, it is utterly gripping and has some dark themes and beautiful writing that just really appealed to me. It was really horribly sad in places, uplifting in others and extremely difficult to review because this is a life story, a story that is haunting and delicately constructed - a novel best read cold.

At it's heart is a boy who struggles daily to recognise life, more importantly to place himself in it - his past stalks him, his future confounds him, the reason for his confusion being slowly revealed over time.

The author has a touch of storytelling genius in her for sure, writing here a character driven, powerful and emotionally resonant tale that will stay with you long after finishing. And that is really all I can say.

I'm now going to move straight on to "Delicate Monsters". My list of must read authors just grew by one.

Happy Reading Folks.