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The Day We Disappeared- Review. IT GOT ME.

The Day We Disappeared - Lucy Robinson

I'd heard great things about this novel from several trusted sources so it accidentally dropped into my basket during a recent book shopping trip - and boy was I in for a treat.

This is simply superb - totally captivating, storytelling genius, with unforgettable characters that I loved with all my heart. Two brilliantly drawn and utterly gripping strong female leads, with a supporting cast that makes for a rollicking good read, often darkly humerous and completely addictive from first page to last.

Kate has run away from her life and is living incognito on a farm - Annie is facing huge potentially life changing differences in hers - told in alternating chapters between the two we start to learn about their current lives, their past lives, their friendships and the reasons behind their actions. It is perfectly paced, perfectly constructed and is one of those novels that you just know you will remember for the rest of your life and probably read several times.

The mystery element is intriguing - you know there are secrets hovering just below the surface but you tend to forget about those as you get totally caught up in the lives of these two women, one of whom has a dark past and you watch them head into an uncertain future. There is a beautifully done romantic aspect (and I usually don't do romance but this was authentic and rather lovely) but added to that is a story of deep friendships and lasting ties which is emotionally stunning. The vibrant characters live and breathe in your imagination as you read, there really is no downside.

And gosh if that was not enough the author floored me with a beautiful little twisty turn that I absolutely did not see coming. Yes, mea culpa this time I was caught out but it is so brilliantly perfect that I'm not even cross with myself. I had to put the book down for a moment while my brain caught up to the authors genius, then I rocketed through the rest in record time, couldn't wait to see how it all panned out for Kate and Annie.

Plus horses. The book has horses. Really is there anything else to say?

Sheer brilliance. Highly HIGHLY recommended.