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Angel - Review

Angel - L.A. Weatherly

First up a mention for that beautiful cover. Really stunning in real life, the paperback version of this book is absolutely gorgeous. A bit of a random plus point...

More importantly the story inside is fabulous - addictive and really well written, if like me you are a bit of a fan of YA tales, especially fantasy, then this one will definitely be for you.

I loved Willow - she fixes cars, she tells the future, is therefore a bit of a loner. Meanwhile in her world more and more people are joining "The Church of the Angels" - dismissed as a cult by most, the truth is that Angel's are indeed among us and they are not good for humanity at all. When a friend joins the church despite Willow's protests and then she crosses the path of angel killer Alex, she starts to understand her true nature...

Angels are popular in YA fiction right now, I've read a couple of good ones, and I have others coming up on my list - but "Angel", for me, was perhaps the one in this genre so far that hooked me in the most. A splendidly paced novel with just the right mixture of action, romance and mythology, it pretty much grips from the first few pages.

It is helped along by some rocking characters - both the good and the bad guys are wonderfully drawn, the relationship that develops between Alex and Willow is a very genuine feeling one and it is a really perfectly done book one for what looks set to be one heck of a series.

I know I'm late to the party on this trilogy - sorry about that but on the plus side I have all 3 books. No waiting. Sometimes that is the way to go - in this case it definitely makes me happy. This was excellent, if I'd been waiting for the next it would have made me grumpy.