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For Holly - Review.

For Holly - Tanya Byrne

"For Holly" is a highly compelling family drama with a mystery element that starts off slowly but inexorably draws you in. Written in the form of a diary/letter, it pretty much follows Lola on a path through grief after the death of her Mother. The whole thing is fascinatingly emotional as we see her self destruct, even though she cannot see it herself...

I really thought this was a genuinely beautiful yet very sad at times story - Lola is a remarkably drawn character with a strong voice and an engaging and intriguing story to tell.

It is a haunting and intelligent take on the grieving process, wrapped up in a well constructed tale - you know that Lola has done something, that there are secrets waiting to be revealed, this keeps you right in the moment. On the way to the resolution though, we can see the raw pain and horror of losing someone we love, how that can change us, change everything. It is authentic, moving and absolutely gripping.

Just a mention as well to the scene setting which is pitched perfectly - set in France the location comes to life as Lola describes her life there, comparing and contrasting to her other life in London - the heart of the story is given a real boost by the fact that you can see and feel the locations where the events are taking place.

Overall then, really excellent. I've loved all of Tanya Byrne's novels so far, she manages to give us something different every time. "For Holly" is a strong addition to her stable, a touching and exquisitely written novel with real heart.

Happy Reading folks!