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The Bones of You - Review

The Bones of You - Debbie Howells

The Bones of You is a beautiful slow burner of a novel that you might think is a crime novel - and yes it does involve a crime and yes you will be lead slowly but surely to the resolution of that crime - but the heart of this story is about families and the secrets they keep.

When Rosie goes missing, the small community in which she lives is shocked, then horrified when her body is discovered. There is very little evidence to point to a suspect and through the eyes of Kate, a friend of Rosie's mother and through Rosie herself from beyond the grave, we begin to discover that outward appearances mean nothing at all..

I got caught up in this one for many reasons, probably the least of which was the crime element. I found Kate's life to be beautifully drawn and her thoughts and assumptions and her often utter confusion gave a real heart to what could have been a fairly generic psychological thriller. Rosie is also gorgeously portrayed, there is a poetic note to her voice that packs a real emotional punch - really wonderful writing throughout.

This is not a fast paced edge of the seat story it is a tension building character driven family drama. It is difficult to review in detail without spoilers so I'll keep it simple - highly compelling, nicely constructed with some remarkably normal people caught up in a very abnormal situation. Some tough themes are tackled well and given a focus, a voice and for that reason this comes highly recommended from me.

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