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The Spider in the Corner of the Room - full review

The Spider in the Corner of the Room (The Project Trilogy) - Nikki Owen

The Spider in the Corner of the Room is an intense and superbly addictive thriller with a highly compelling main protagonist and a sharp edge of tension that does not let go..

Maria is in prison – convicted of murder, she has no recollection of the killing – indeed any memory she has is questionable. Through a series of flashbacks and sessions with her prison psychologists, a strange and intriguing story begins to emerge about exactly who Maria is and what has led her here…and not everyone is exactly who they appear to be.


From start to finish this is a taut, gripping piece of character driven storytelling – unpredictable, highly addictive beautifully written to involve the reader utterly, a page turner of the highest order. Maria is a remarkable character to follow along with – she herself is highly unpredictable and very odd in the most fascinating way – the author having managed to capture, in Maria’s thoughts and actions, an authentic and meaningful snapshot of Aspergers’s, ingrained within the narrative of an intelligent and thought provoking thriller.


As things progress it is often creepy, haunting and sets you a little on edge – the twists and turns in this story are remarkably well placed, pitch perfect to offer revealing insights into the truth of the matter, but still keeping you unsure that you are on solid ground. Even as you head into the final pages you will be questioning every motive, wondering how much of what you are hearing is real and heading back to read little bits again to see if you can get a handle on it. Very intelligent and detailed construction of the story makes it all the more fantastic.


This is set to be a trilogy and I simply cannot wait to find out what happens next – the author has set us up beautifully and whilst this is a completely rounded and satisfying part one, oh boy will you be wishing you had all three in your hands immediately. Quite definitively the most inventive thriller I have read this year, and maybe even for a few years before that, The Spider in the Corner of the Room comes Highly Recommended from me