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The Euthanist - Review

The Euthanist - Alex Dolan

**Netgalley Copy**


The Euthanist is probably the biggest page turner of the year for me so far, I practically inhaled it because of its utterly addictive quality.

Kali helps people die. Only if they are dying anyway and only if she is convinced that it is truly what they want. Then one day, one client does something completely unexpected. At that point Kali is pulled this way and that, through drama after crisis after drama - and into an ever changing situation that is completely gripping and so compelling that you will come out of the other side feeling like you have run a marathon.

I loved it - because it is not what you think it will be - things change fast, the author keeps you right on your toes. There are some brilliantly depicted characters, not the least of whom is Kali, I guess whether or not you sympathise with her might well depend on how well your beliefs match hers. I can't really talk about anyone else without giving something away and this novel is most definitely best read cold.

This is a psychological thriller with heart and soul and a very fascinating premise that will keep you up until all hours until you can finally find out what the heck is going on. Some emotional subjects tackled well within the narrative, something to think about while you are following Kali around as she faces emotional turmoil and is given something to think about herself...

Really excellent construction, spot on pacing and pitch perfect reveal moments make this an absolute must read for psychological thriller fans.

Happy Reading Folks!