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Hunted - Review

Hunted - Paul Finch

Highly entertaining (and gruesome in the best way possible) crime fiction here - This is my first Paul Finch novel, I did play a bit with the idea of catching up with the series before reading this- I have actually now got a little pile of Finch novels sat in my tbr pile - but in the end I decided to dive right in with the latest.

Really enjoyed it. Probably more than I should have done given the premise, but I loved Heck, didnt feel as if I had lost anything by reading this one first and the story was terrifically addictive and really very clever.

Heck works for the serial crimes unit which gives him great scope to get into anything - in this case a nasty accident that may not have been an accident finds him in Surrey - and when he uncovers a series of unfortunate events that seem to be plaguing the population there he decides to stay for a while.

He's a great character. Likeable, a little odd but then who isnt? And he certainly thinks outside the box which makes him very intriguing. I also liked sidekick (for this novel anyway) Gail who hopefully we will meet again. The relationship between these two was one of the strengths of the novel for me, especially as someone coming in cold to a character who has already had time to develop - she is meeting him for the first time as well.

The case they are investigating really is magnificently imagined, the descriptive prose when it comes to the more violent parts of "Hunted" are simply brilliant, putting you right there and definitely giving a few shivery moments. If you are an arachnophobe beware!

Overall a really terrific crime novel, beautifully written, hauntingly scary at times I'm definitely a fan. I will certainly be reading the backlist and really looking forward to the next.

Happy Reading Folks!