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The Elite - Review

The Elite - Kiera Cass

The Elite then, book two in the Selection series, a series that I have been enjoying greatly for many reasons, mainly I think because they are beautifully readable and a whole lot of fun.

Its a fairytale really. Now America has made it into the final 6 the "Elite" of the selection process, things are hotting up. Various events mean she question's herself a lot and still finds herself torn between Prince Maxon and old beau Aspen a fair bit, then there are the rebels causing the odd issue which distracts from the glitz and glamour of life in the palace.

The Elite is a very popcorn read, hops along at a fair old pace, to be honest not a lot really happens to move the story along that much from The Selection - there are less girls and competition is that bit fiercer, there are a couple of infractions from the rebels that gives us a bit more of a glimpse of their intentions but really its focussed still on Maxon and America and the whole will they/won't they thing.

I think its fairly obvious that they WILL. Otherwise really what is the point? But the journey is turning out to be a good one, I'm quite fond of all the characters even though America is a bit ditzy when it comes to deciding what it is she ACTUALLY wants. I am unsurprised that Maxon gets annoyed, sometimes I was annoyed myself.

Overall this was a fairly decent "book 2" - I'd like to see more in depth information on the rebels and the war which seems like a side story that should get more attention - but you get plenty of pretty dresses and fairytale living in The Elite and it is highly enjoyable.

Looking foward to the next - where presumably America will get her Princess status and with any luck be able to sort out the mess that the country is in (if anyone can she can. And she needs to deal with that rotten King!)

Happy Reading Folks!


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