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Eve - Review

Eve - Anna Carey

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I'm not sure about Eve....

It is very readable, certainly I enjoyed it, but it was a peripheral enjoyment. There is not much depth here despite a good premise and a thought provoking set up, it then went, well a little flat.

I think its because it is SO FAST. The world building is not really there (yet) we meet Eve at school, then BAM she discovers a conspiracy, runs away, has a bit of a road trip where she comes across boys for the first time, hooks up with the mean girl from school (Arden who frankly is a MUCH more interesting and compelling character than Eve) and various things occur that are often a little cliched.

Things I loved:

Arden - she is cool, has depth and strength of character, held my interest and I want to know more about her. To be honest I would have preferred it if she had been the focus rather than the sideckick.

The basic idea's: Girls being used as breeding tools to repopulate the planet, very Attwood and in the right hands can be emotive and make a social statement. Here it is not really explored much beyond being a reason for Eve to run, but I do sense that this plotline will intensify so I'm giving that a tick.

The bear and the Horse. Yep.

Things I didnt like:

Eve's attitude and her general whiny musings, plus the way she is inherently selfish. Also seriously, she's spent her WHOLE LIFE being told about the dangers of the male species and the first boy she comes across she goes all ridiculous for in moments. It just didnt ring true.

On the plus side for Eve, she grew with the story so by the end I was a little more fond of her Just. Still...Arden...

There are some great plus points to "Eve" that means I am definitely going to read the rest of the trilogy. As a book one it was fine, it set us up for the next instalment, as I said at the beginning it is eminently readable, the author has a lovely turn of phrase and a way of pulling you in despite yourself sometimes.

Overall this was good without being the best thing ever. I'm intrigued to see what happens next, I do really like Anna Carey's writing style, it appeals to me so if the next book can up the ante on the world building and be just a bit more edgy and less popcorn, I think this will grow on me a lot.

Happy Reading Folks!