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What Doesnt Kill Her/Hunted - Review.

What Doesn't Kill Her: A Novel (Reeve LeClaire Series) - Carla Norton

**Netgalley Copy**


So I adored "The Edge of Normal" which was the first novel featuring main protagonist Reeve - survivor of a long term and violent kidnapping when we meet her in book one she sets out to help another victim come to terms with her life after trauma. It was a novel that was full of psychological depth and completely addictive.

Moving onto "What Doesnt Kill Her" then (UK Title "Hunted") Reeve is enjoying a fairly normal life - more centred, not so on the edge, but still haunted by her past. When her kidnapper escapes however she is drawn back into a place she thought she has moved on from, determined to help the investigators track him down, it turns out she has some intriguing insights.

This really is a brilliant book - the characters pop, the action when it comes is fast and furious, the psychological depth is once more pitch perfect allowing a terrific yin/yang between character drama and thriller.

Reeve is brilliant- she is flawed of course, who wouldnt be if they had her experience - but she has definitely learned and developed from the time when she was known as "Edgy Reggie" into an impressive young woman whose bravery is both inspiring and absolutely authentic.

The tale fairly rollicks along at a gorgeous pace, it has a very dark heart and a killer who makes you want to hide under the bed. And lets not even talk about his mother...

Admittedly after "The Edge of Normal" I did not expect to meet Reeve again - now Carla Norton has given us a continuation of her story it feels absolutely right, this novel too has set things up so we can keep following along with her and this makes me inordinately pleased. In fact I simply MUST know what is next for Reeve and if the series continues at this standard it is fast going to be in my top 5 must read series. Probably already is actually..

Excellent. Really excellent and if you are a fan of Crime fiction and like it to have a dark cutting edge and a character you can truly root for, then the Reeve LeClaire books are definitely for you.

Happy Reading Folks!