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Before Its Too Late - Review

Before It's Too Late - Jane Isaac

**Publisher review copy**


Really excellent crime thriller again from Jane Isaac, this time bringing us a new main protagonist (Will Jackman whom I adored) and with a heart and soul for the story provided by a victim of kidnap - Min Li, whose musings whilst trapped in a dark pit, not knowing if rescue is coming, gives a beautifully crafted edge to the whole thing that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

There are a lot of strengths to this story - Will's background and motivations are intriguing and without cliche - a really well drawn character who grounds the story and gives it focus. Then there is Min Li who you will root for all the way as she reflects on her life, her home and her future, realising it is entirely possible she won't have one. It is emotive and addictive and absolutely gripping.

The story flows magnificently, the investigation interspersed with Min Li and her situation, it twists and turns its way to an excellent and heart stopping finale, where it really is not clear until revealed what the final outcome will be - truly heart stopping at times.

Crime fiction being such a hugely popular genre it is easy for the good ones to get a little lost in the rush - so much choice to be had - but I would highly recommend you give this author a go if you have not already - for me she represents the very best in emerging UK crime fiction and is definitely one to watch.

Highly Recommended

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