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Shatter Me - Review.

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

**Purchased Copy**


I liked it. When I first started this book the style of it was a little iffy to get used to (Juliette crossing out the thoughts she'd rather not be having could be distracting) but to be fair it added something a bit different to what would otherwise have been a semi generic YA book.

It grew on me that's the thing. After a while I liked the crossing out - it gave a different insight to the main protagonist's inner reality as opposed to the story she was telling on the outside. It is a bit of a slow burner but the further you get in the more compelling it gets. This would have been 5* except I found the love story element WAY too over effusive. It was annoyingly saccharine and drove me nuts. Luckily those moments were fairly rare overall so I just skimmed past them rolling my eyes a little.

I did think the characters were great generally speaking, I liked Juliette's inner turmoil about her ability to kill with a touch and the way she developed over the course of the novel. Adam was ok I suppose, he was perhaps the only one who was totally unnecesary for the most part - felt like he was simply there to provide the (very over egged) love interest. However to be fair to the poor guy, after the halfway point when things started hotting up he started to develop some other attractions with his back story. Perhaps in Unravel me when I get to it I'll warm up to him a little.

The best part by FAR of "Shatter Me" was Warner. At least 2.5 of the 4* belong to him. A well drawn intriguing and definitely developing "bad guy" who I would happily read a whole book about. His relationship and obsession with Juliette made the book for me. His lost boy sadism really hit some great notes, certainly giving a lot of depth to the first 3/4 of the novel which would, I think, have been fairly flat without him. Enjoyable but not nearly as engaging.

I'd liken "Shatter Me" in a lot of ways to the tv series Heroes, especially in the lead up to the finale where finally things come together and we begin to see what Tahereh Mafi's intentions are. One hopes that this book series will gain cohesion in parts two and three rather than turning into the mess that Heroes did - but the concept behind Tahereh Mafi's world is a strong one the authors storytelling skill is terrific so I'll hope for the best.

Hopefully there will be a lot more Warner and the dynamic between him and Juliette will be further explored. Here is where my main interest lies, the rest is an entertaining backdrop.

Happy Reading Folks!