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The Darkness That Divides Us - Review

The Darkness That Divides Us - Renate Dorrestein, Hester Velmans



Source: Publisher Review Copy


Growing up in the old rectory of a peaceful Dutch village with her beautiful, eccentric mother and their two endearing male ‘lodgers’ Ludo and Duco, Lucy is the popular, wildly imaginative leader of the preschool set until a bizarre crime rocks her world. Lucy’s friends turn on her, and from one day to the next she becomes a much-bullied scapegoat. When her mother is sent to prison for murder, Lucy and her ‘uncles’ leave the village to start over in the Outer Hebrides, where she soon becomes part of a gang of equally wild and audacious Scottish children. But even here, in this remote corner of the world, the past has a way of catching up with her


The Darkness that Divides Us is a really beautifully written family drama, with a hint of mystery – the writing is darkly atmospheric and it has a really intense construction about it that works really well and hooks you right in.


It is basically the story of one girl and her family – Lucy, who we meet at a very young age, has a life completely influenced by a tragic event when she was a child. Starting pretty much at that point then in several timelines showing her grow up with the consequences, this is at turns intense, very sad and always highly compelling.


The authors use of language (superbly translated from the Dutch by Hester Velmans) just has a way of making you feel every moment through very matter of fact prose and there is a stunning poignancy to the whole novel that resonates.


The two main settings (The Netherlands and the Outer Hebrides) come to vivid life around the characters and overall this is a really good if poignant and often very emotional read.


Definitely recommended.


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