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Olivay - Review

Olivay - Deborah Reed

Seriously, I don't know how I feel about this book. It is strange and yet beautiful, absolutely compelling but slowly drawn out - there is a wonderful poetry to the prose and an odd underlying tension throughout. It gripped me utterly, I started it this morning and here I am done. And yet I do not now how I feel about this book...

Olivay lost her husband to a terrible accident. Sometime later she meets a man whilst out in one of her rare forays beyond her front door and brings him home with her. Then bombs go off and suddenly they are stuck together, but who exactly is he? And, indeed, who exactly is Olivay?

This is a claustrophobic and intelligently engaging psychological drama - two characters, one setting, a real play on emotions and a story of actions and consequences. The author slowly slowly and with really haunting detail gives us a portrait of this woman and this man, brought together possibly by chance, by coincidence or maybe not. The truth lies hidden beneath many layers that Deborah Reed gradually peels away for the reader, letting them see through to the core.

Purely character driven, a touch of literary genius, really stunning writing and that underlying tension I mentioned earlier is created through a very deft use of language and a really gorgeous play on words, sinking you into this story and holding you there enthralled.

The ending is subtle, takes a while to absorb, the book has left me emotionally wrung out and pensive. This is one that will stay with me for a long time and that I'm sure my mind will worry at and reassess - the kind of read that is truly thought provoking for reasons beyond my ken.

Definitely highly recommended - with the caveat that it will not be for everyone - but still give it a go. Although I have done my best it really is a book that defies description. Take from it what you find there.

Happy Reading Folks!