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Starborn - Review

Starborn: Book One: The Worldmaker Trilogy - Lucy Hounsom

I came across this book by chance – gatecrashing the launch party while I was at another across the road  – I was lured in by that gorgeous cover, so I purchased a copy, met the author, got it signed and could not resist reading it almost straight away.


So glad I did. Starborn is a beautifully imagined fantasy tale with some really engaging characters and a rich and deep mythology running through it that is very compelling and utterly addictive.


The world building is fantastic, done intelligently and with a touch of class, as Kyndra sets off on a journey of discovery you are right there alongside her observing and learning about the expansive places and people beyond her small village as she does. Legend and superstition abound, the story unfolds in glorious vivid ways, the characters are immensely intriguing – Kyndra herself is a perfect anchor for the reader to follow along with and this is a story you can sink right into and leave the real world behind for a while.


This is old school fantasy in a lot of ways but brought into the modern era with a delicate touch, really well written, taking some classic genre staples and giving them a new edgy and gripping focus – a real page turner. Plenty of heart stopping action, some purely emotional moments and a cast of eclectic and alluring characters to give it all focus and life.


Overall then really terrific. The ending was such that I am REALLY looking forward to whatever comes next. This comes highly recommended from me for fans of Fantasy – taking it back to its roots and making me remember why I loved the genre in the first place.