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Renegade - Full Review

Renegade - Kerry Wilkinson

I was a HUGE fan of the first novel in this series, so to say I was happy to get to read the next one a little early is putting it mildly. And for me it was worth every second of the wait.


Silver and friends have escaped the immediate clutches of the King and are on the run. Decisions have to be made and everyone is looking to Silver to make them, she however is not sure she is the right person for the job.


Renegade is very addictive – whilst Kerry Wilkinson expands and deepens the mythology he has also written a bit of a thriller, a bit of  road trip drama and given our characters a lot of emotional upset to deal with. He keeps things rocking along at a heck of a pace, introducing new places and people, giving Silver a lot to handle and solidifying and intensifying the relationships between our core group. It is engaging and compelling throughout.


I am entirely in love with this series, one of those times I can’t really tell you why – although it probably is mostly to do with Silver as a character who is a gorgeous mix of strong independent woman and ditzy teenager. You just want to follow along with her, a bit like her fellow runaways – one of those brilliantly written characters that just pop off the page and become very real.


I’m being careful not to say too much about the story itself just in case you have not started this series yet – but I will say it is excellent – great writing, great characters, terrific world building, at least several bags of maltesers worth of reading joy.

The end drove me nuts – yep thanks for that Mr Wilkinson – now the wait begins for the finale. I’m going to be first in the queue. Everyone had better stay out of my way!


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