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Better Left Buried - Review.

Better Left Buried - Emma Haughton

Publication Date: 1st May 2015 from Usborne.


Source: Publisher Review Copy


Brother dead.
Best friend missing.
House ransacked.
Stalked by a stranger.
Attacked in the street…

…And Sarah has no idea why.


So I LOVED Emma Haughtons “Now You See Me” so I was very happy to read “Better Left Buried” and even happier that it was just as good, if not better.


A gorgeously written YA mystery story with some really terrific characters – Sarah has recently lost her brother, very suddenly to heart failure. We meet her a little while into the aftermath, when her Mum is struggling to cope and her Dad is trying to keep the family together. Sarah herself has been relying very much on best friend Lizzie as she tries to fill the gap her Mum is leaving. So when Lizzie starts acting strangely and a mysterious figure seems to be following Sarah around, she begins to discover that her brother may have left behind more than a little trouble.


Wonderful flow to this one as with Now You See Me – Emma Haughton just manages to grab you immediately and keep you guessing, weaving a beautifully intriguing web of events whilst also allowing her characters to have great depth so you stay with them all the way.


I do love how once again she has slowly but surely built the tension right up and then, once you have a handle on what is going on, hits you with a tense and very thrilling end game. Delightfully constructed this is absolutely a real page turner.


Overall then a most terrific read. Really really enjoyed it. Highly Recommended.


Happy Reading Folks!