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Remember Me This Way - Review.

Remember Me This Way: A Novel - Sabine Durrant

Really clever psychological thriller from Sabine Durrant- following one womans journey through both grief and release as she discovers there was more to her husband than meets the eye.

This was another gorgeously twisty turny tale as Lizzie comes up on the year anniversary of her husbands death in a car accident. Lizzie knows him all too well however and she cannot shake the feeling that somehow, somewhere he is still watching. Her friends, family and the police put it down to grief, Lizzie is not so sure.

Meanwhile we hear from Zach in the form of a diary he kept. An obviously dark and twisted individual, I very much enjoyed seeing things from his point of view as Lizzie remembers those same incidents - both of them making very different observations.

Cleverly done to keep you off kilter - is Lizzie simply imagining things or could Zach possibly still be alive - Added to that some great external characters muddying the waters and some genuinely creepy moments and you have a masterful and engaging tale which will keep you turning those pages.

Definitely recommended for fans of this genre and a good one to try if you are only just dipping your toes into the world of psychological thrillers.

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