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The Golem of Hollywood - Review.

The Golem of Hollywood - Jonathan Kellerman, Jesse Kellerman

Publication date: Available now from Headline


Source: Bookbridgr


A burned-out L.A. detective . . . a woman of mystery who is far more than she seems . . . a grotesque, ancient monster bent on a mission of retribution.


So the first collaboration between family members Jonathan and Jesse (also two of my favourite writers when it comes to their own work – check out the “Delaware/Sturgis” series from Jonathan if you havent already and for a mind blowing fun filled absolutely insane novel try Jesse’s “I’ll catch you” – I was extremely interested to see what this was like.


I loved it I have to say. An excellent blend of mythology and crime fiction, a serial killer thriller with a fantastical twist, I found it fascinating, eminently readable and totally engrossing.


It is very very different to either of the Kellermans’ “usual” novels so be prepared to come at it as something utterly new – the story is unexpected in a lot of places and is very creepy at times, I loved the sense of menace throughout and there is some beautifully descriptive world building.


The mythology is explored in a very engaging fashion and given a modern twist, but also told as a past “myth” which gave the present day happenings a lovely sense of place and time. I loved the characters and really hope there is more to come – especially with relation to a very intriguing father/son relationship.


Overall then a very good read – it won’t be for everyone, granted – if you are a fan of either Kellerman and are looking for a similar read to their other novels you won’t find that here. However their trademark skill is still right here, beautifully written and absorbing I would definitely recommend you give it a try.


Happy Reading Folks!