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Slated - Review.

Slated - Teri Terry

Source: Purchased Copy


Quite dark and disturbing in subject matter but highly addictive and beautifully written Slated is set in a world where if you are a criminal of a certain age your mind is wiped and you are sent to a new family to start again. Kyla is one such "Slated" girl but she is not like all the rest, some of her memory appears intact.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, part of my current obsession with YA Trilogies - so much so that I'm actually moving straight onto Book 2 rather than having a break in between as I have been with the other's I've chosen.

It is an intriguing idea - of course things are not as straight forward as they seem, Teri Terry uses the plot to explore themes of criminal behaviour, right and wrong and of course throws in some reality checks. If such a thing were possible it would not always be used for good of course, and even if you consider wiping the minds of true criminals to be a "good" thing there is a great moral argument to be had there.

All this is looked at as Kyla struggles to readjust after her Slating - and finds that she is having nightmares that may be based in fact. There is a romance here, of course, but that is not the main focus, the pace of the story is pretty perfect and it ends in a way that will absolutely have you grabbing book 2 immediately.

Very well done and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Happy Reading Folks!