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Blood of my Blood - Review.

Blood of My Blood - Barry Lyga

Publication Date: 7th May


Source: Netgalley


Jasper Dent can’t escape his family. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, his father’s reputation hangs over him.
Because Billy Dent’s not like other dads. He’s a serial killer.
And now he’s got Jasper’s girlfriend in his clutches.


So here we are then, the third in the Jasper Dent trilogy of books, a series I have adored for its adult young adult serial killer thriller vibe with a heck of a lot of heart stopping action and a main protagonist you just cannot help rooting for all the way through.


The end of the last novel left Jasper and cohorts in jeopardy, so to say I was desperate to read this one would be an understatement. Well that cliffhanger is sorted out toote suite in a very exciting opening and then we move on to see whether Jasper can FINALLY bring his serial killing psychopathic father down.


These are such terrific reads because they are, all three, so terribly addictive. Jasper fights his inner demons (is he his Father’s son?) struggles to maintain the two relationships that are sustaining him, with best friend Howie and girlfriend Connie, whilst at the same time dealing with his erstwhile family connections.


The story flows along at a breakneck speed, there is very little let up and the pages practically turn themselves. Violent for a novel involving teenagers for sure, crime fiction and serial killer thriller fans will enjoy this no matter what their age. Considering the subject matter the Jasper Dent novels are WAY more fun than they should be.


Barry Lyga brings the series to a (probable!) conclusion (certainly for the main portion of the plot) in a most terrific way – ok so the big twisty twist isnt so much a twist as it is a confirmation of what most of the avid fans of Jasper have seen coming for a while but it is tremendously satisfying for that very reason and beautifully done.


Overall I thought all of the trilogy, both individually and now seen as a whole were really really great reads. I will miss Jasper. Although hoping that possibly I won’t have to for long. SO much potential here to follow him through adulthood…


Highly Recommended


Happy Reading Folks!