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The Father - Review.

The Father: The first Sean Rooney thriller - Tom Ogden Keenan

Publication Date: April 9th from McNidder & Grace  


Source: Publisher Review Copy


Set in Glasgow, The Father is the critically acclaimed debut novel of Tom O. Keenan featuring forensic profiler Sean Rooney.


So The Father turned into a pretty good crime story but for me I struggled with the first part, the use of language and the flow took a bit of getting used to. This was down to the main protagonist Sean Rooney having mental issues – he maintains an inner dialogue that I found hard to follow until I was used to it.


Once we had passed that point though, it was excellent – dark, disturbing and very compelling, with a hard literary edge that served the tale and the characters within extremely well.


Sean was a deeply emotional and well drawn person to take this journey with – one thing that impressed me a lot was how the author tackled his issues and allowed them to be front and centre giving an authentic and honest look at how his particular medical problem manifests. Not feeling the need to play down that side of Sean meant that the whole thing had an added realistic flavour and made the whole tale utterly fascinating.


The mystery element is intelligently done, violent yes, but also highly engaging, the first little issue I had with it aside, it was a real page turner.


Overall then a great addition to the genre – a thriller with heart and ultimately an extremely satisfying read.


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