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After the Storm - Review.

After the Storm - Jane Lythell, Penelope Rawlins

Publication Date: Available Now from Head of Zeus


Source: Publisher Review Copy.


Some secrets destroy you.
Rob and Anna have only just met Owen and Kim. Now they've boarded their handsome old boat to travel to a far off island in the Caribbean.
With only the four of them on board, it should be paradise: lazy afternoons spent snorkelling; long nights enjoying the silence and solitude of the sea.
But why does Owen never sleep? Why is he so secretive about his past? And why does Kim keep a knife zipped into her money-belt? Anna can usually get people to talk... but this time, does she want to?


So,it seems to have been a bit hit and miss with readers this one, personally I enjoyed it although it IS a slow burner and very much character driven rather than full of action - I found the characters fascinating however and therefore very much enjoyed the read despite it eeking out the drama and slowly drip feeding the suspense.

You basically have a cast of four - yes others are involved towards the end, when things come to a head, but for the majority of the story you spend your time with Rob and Anna who have taken a detour from their holiday to join Kim and Owen on their boat. As they face both calm and storm, the relationships falter, stop and start and it becomes clear that each of our protagonists have issues. Some fairly standard, some which may become dangerous.

I was engaged by Anna who always assumes the worse case scenario - being a litte like that myself I sympathised with her when others did not take her fears seriously. The beauty of the writing for me was in how you could see it from both sides - I may have felt for Anna but I was also annoyed by her sometimes constant whining. The others all had their "thing" and I was very much compelled to keep reading and find out what was going to happen to this very eclectic and opposite bunch of people.

The mystery element is low key - Owen doesnt sleep and Kim hides knives and you have to wonder why. But even then, its not really about that so much as it is a kind of claustrophobic snapshot of the lives of four very different people with very different issues.

If you like character driven drama then this is for you. Whether you like this one or not will very much depend on how you react to the people involved. It leads you slowly and inexorably towards a very intriguing final denouement and I found it clever and appealing throughout and occasionally very gripping.

Happy Reading Folks!