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Things We Have In Common - Review

Things We Have in Common - Tasha Kavanagh

Publication Date: 7th May 2015 from canongate books.


Source: Netgalley


Yasmin would give anything to have a friend… And do anything to keep them…


First of all I read this in one sitting pretty much so beware of picking it up in your lunch hour or you may end up getting the sack. Highly addictive – the voice of the main protagonist, Yasmin, being so deliciously delightful whilst at the same time very tragically sympathetic, will mean you just simply HAVE to get to the end of her story.


Secondly I would caution against reading too many in depth reviews of this book once they start to appear (and they will, trust me) before reading it yourself. I’m going to tell you a little of the story but not much – I had no real clue going in where it was going to take me and I’m glad about that because it was purely exhilerating, sometimes sad and often very  very insightful.


Yasmin tells the tale – she has an obsession and crush on the popular girl in school, Alice. Yasmin is overweight with emotional issues and not popular at all – in fact she suffers at the hands of her classmates regularly, Alice amongst them, this does not stop her adoring from afar. One day she spots something and after that everything starts to change and she finds herself on an unexpected path.


The novel is a darkly fascinating look into one damaged girl’s psyche, Yasmin’s thoughts and actions painting a sad yet realistic picture of a teenager with issues. What Tasha Kavanagh has done to my mind, is taken a realistic core, that of a girl coming of age in less than perfect circumstances, then put her in a rather odd situation that allows a deeper and more insightful exploration of all the issues these years can bring. Wrapped up in a highly compelling, truly excellent plot that will absolutely surprise you all the time, it is one of those stories that will leave you emotionally on edge – the final sentence is definitely going to come back to haunt me.


Beautifully written, you only ever hear from Yasmin, everything is seen through her eyes and her own sometimes skewed beliefs. She is an enigmatic, not always likeable but ever captivating person to follow along with, this is a true character piece in every sense of the word.


That’ll have to do you – apart from to say, this is Highly Recommended. One of the debut’s of the year so far for me, I shall talk about it more nearer publication. If you have a “must have” list for this year I really would like to suggest you consider putting this on it.


Excellent. Really really excellent.


Happy Reading Folks!