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No Place to Die - Review.

No Place to Die (Mike Lockyer Novels) - Clare Donoghue

Publication Date: 12th March 2015 from Pan Macmillan.

Source: Netgalley


Jane Bennett, senior Detective Sergeant for the murder squad at her London police precinct, is having a terrible day. Her boss, Detective Inspector Mike Lockyer, has just returned to work after two weeks on "leave," though Jane knows it was really more like a suspension. He’s still shaken by the loss of a victim in their last murder case. But neither of them has the luxury of time to dwell on past grievances. Jane has just received a phone call from a good friend saying that her husband Mark Leech, a retired policeman, has disappeared. When Jane finds dramatic blood splatters in the laundry room, she knows Mark is seriously injured at best, and they don’t have any time to waste.


I was a big fan of the first in the "Lockyer" series, Never Look Back, mainly because it really did creep me out to the extent that I was CONVINCED I had a stalker all of my own and spent days looking over my shoulder. Anyway I figured "No Place to Die" would not do that, but heck it WAS super creepy in places -  also an excellent police procedural come psychological thriller. Andof course twisty turny goodness which I always love.


So Jane is seriously worried about Mike Lockyer, for good reason it seems. But she has far more on her plate than just an emotionally absent boss - whilst hunting for a missing colleague, a body is discovered which sets off an ominous chain of events..


I love the characters, perfect for crime fiction, especially a series - enigmatic enough to keep you wanting more but realistic enough that you believe every word. The mystery element is very addictive, I was desperate to know what had happened to Mark whilst wondering if Mike would ever recover his sang froid. What with Jane chasing a killer and Mike haunting the corridors, this was an amazingly atmospheric read that gripped throughout.


It did haunt my dreams a little - mostly because of the vividly realistic descriptive prose when it came to some of the victim experience - I won't say more, would not want to spoil it. But once again Clare Donoghue has taken as a central theme for her mystery something that people fear in the dark, the stuff of nightmares and turned it into a horrifying "reality" for her characters. It is a talent for sure to be able to create that kind of shiver in a reader.


Overall then a really really good tale and one I would highly recommend to fans of Crime fiction and Thrillers.


Happy Reading Folks!