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Jigsaw Man - Review.

The Jigsaw Man - Elena Forbes, Ric Jerrom

Publication Date: Available Now from Quercus


Source: Publisher Review Copy


DI Mark Tartaglia spends a night in a west London hotel with a woman he has just met. When he is called out to the same hotel the next morning to investigate a murder, he realises it must have taken place while he was there. If things weren't already complicated enough, the investigation takes a new and horrifying turn when he recognises the young female victim. Still reeling from the shock, he learns that another case he has been investigating - the body of a homeless man found in a burnt-out car - is also not what it seems. Tests reveal that the corpse has been assembled from the body parts of four different people. Under mounting pressure from the media and unsure where his loyalties lie, Tartaglia must solve this new macabre puzzle before the Jigsaw Killer strikes again.


So this is the 4th book in the Tartaglia series I believe, but it is the first one I've read. Which now I've read it surprises me because this is top notch crime fiction and usually I have a nose for that sort of thing, but anyway here we are and I really really enjoyed this one.


Here we have Mark Tartaglia working on a case that has come a bit close to home, involving someone he cares about. Meanwhile there is a macabre killer at work and Mark will have to keep his wits about him in order to prevent further deaths.


This had everything I look for in my crime fiction - some great characters, a well constructed and intriguing mystery and a beautiful flow to it, easily read as a standalone, I did not feel I was missing out by having come to it here. There are some great little twists and turns in there to keep you on your toes and the mystery element is well developed and perfectly paced.


Overall a terrific read - I have added this series to my must have list and very much look forward to what comes next.


Happy Reading Folks!