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The Beacon by Sam Kates - Review.

The Beacon (Earth Haven Book 2) - Sam Kates

Publication Date: Available now from Smithcraft Press


Source: Publisher review copy


Tom Evans and Ceri Lewis occupy a silent new world. Little more than a million people survived The Cleansing; now they are spread out, weak and bewildered, compelled by a force beyond their comprehension to remain where they are. Their fate – humanity’s fate – lies in the hands of the few, like Tom and Ceri, who can resist the power that seeks to control them. But resistance may be futile.


I was a HUGE fan of book one of this series – The Cleansing – it was a fresh take on the apocalyptic genre, and if you have not read it I would certainly recommend reading it first in order to get the full impact.  I would also recommend that you do not read this review until you have as it will inevitably contain spoilers for Book One.


The Beacon follows straight on from the events in The Cleansing as we find Tom and Ceris slowly getting used to the new reality – however they discover that it is not quite over yet and however bad things are, they can always get worse…


The Cleansing was hugely exciting and scary as we watched this alien race, who had been hidden among us for years, finally take over and in the most horrific way – in The Beacon we discover more about their background and society and their plans, it is terrifically well imagined and so addictive its honestly worse than chocolate – if you want to go on a book diet don’t pick this one up for heavens sake.


We have such a lovely and eclectic range of characters to follow along with, both from Planet Earth and not, all extremely well drawn. I am kind of fond of “The Chosen” who is utterly mad but strangely compelling, there are some new people to meet along the way, I don’t want to give anything away but by the end of this you will be desperate to get to the (assumed) finale, heck I don’t even know if this is a trilogy but I’d happily read on further if this standard keeps up.


It really is so well constructed – the story fairly races along even though there is plenty of room for contemplation. The world building is fantastic and right in there the author manages to get some great depth to the characters, a definite ironic look upon occasion at human nature and overall it is really really great reading. Oh and the dog BETTER live through the whole thing. In fact you can cleanse the earth of everyone but NOT THE DOG.


Highly Recommended from me – can’t wait to see what happens next. Now where did I put the maltesers?


Happy Reading Folks!