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Bully. Reaction review. Another review MAY follow.

Bully: The Fall Away Series - Penelope Douglas

Hmm. I'm going to have to consider before I write an honest review. I really REALLY am not keen on novels where a guy can treat a girl extremely badly, but its ok because he's "hot". And where the girl can't help reacting to this "hotness" even when he is in a very threatening mode towards her (as in the changing room scene in "Bully")

HOWEVER,there was something about this one that kept me reading...where normally I would not...and the girl in question is not a complete pushover. Plus it is oddly addictive. So we'll see. I shall go away and come back!

Well written for sure, but girls it is NOT ok for a guy to treat you like shite just because he happens to be good looking. And I don't give a flying toss what his background is. That I am absolutely sure of.

Well done to Penelope Douglas for making me stop and consider.