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The Chimes - Will reward perserverance.

The Chimes - Anna Smaill

Publication Date: Febuary 12th From Sceptre.


Source: Bookbridgr


The Chimes is set in a reimagined London, in a world where people cannot form new memories, and the written word has been forbidden and destroyed.
In the absence of both memory and writing is music.
In a world where the past is a mystery, each new day feels the same as the last, and before is blasphony, all appears lost. But Simon Wythern, a young man who arrives in London seeking the truth about what really happened to his parents, discovers he has a gift that could change all of this forever.


This is a difficult review to write. I'm not sure I've read a novel quite like this before, certainly not one that has had me back and forth such a lot. I'm definitely highly recommending it simply because it was so different and so beautifully written that I think I would like everyone to read it and see for themselves.


Honestly I nearly gave up on it early on. This is a book that rewards perserverance - initially it is very odd, lyrical prose to go with a lyrical tale but it was difficult to grasp, hard to hang onto and for a while made almost no sense to me. It was very disjointed and dreamlike, turns out for very good reason so stick with it and I promise that the pay off is beautiful. Simply beautiful.


Simon arrives in London not really sure why he is there. Memories fade and are rediscovered through objects in the memory bag that all carry with them. He meets new friends and slowly discovers his own purpose. This is a world of music not words, a strange and often frightening place, but fascinating, alluring and gracefully imagined. The mythology and depth to the world building is magnificent - a slow burn of a tale that will stay with you through the night and play on your mind.


Constructing and building  such an elegant story as this one is a terrific accomplishment, I was not surprised to discover later that the author is a poet as well as now a novelist, the whole thing IS poetry in a way and whilst I thought for a while that it wasnt going to be for me I am SO glad I just kept reading. Because as things clarify, this is an uplifting and intriguing read that I'm sure will remain with me for a long time to come.


Highly Recommended


Happy Reading Folks!