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The Next Broadchurch Short Story.



Publication Date: Available Now from Headline.


Source: Purchased Copy


The second in a collection of eight short stories to run alongside the second series of ITV’s BAFTA award-winning show, Broadchurch.


So this time it is Maggie’s turn to go under the Erin Kelly spotlight as she prepares to cover Joe Miller’s trial in Broadchurch. Considering resignation, Maggie gets caught up in a side story, after all the Miller trial is not the only thing going on in Broadchurch.

Once again this is a lovely little insight into what is going on around the events shown on the television show that we are all so addicted to and a nice addition to offset the need to see the next episode.


In this case capturing a little more of the spirit of Broadchurch and reminding us that while our focus is elsewhere there is still other stuff going on. I liked seeing more of Maggie as well, who is one of the more intriguing “peripheral” characters we see on screen.


I love these, they are a perfect companion to what is turning into a most terrific series two, again a perfect length coffee break read that I whizzed through over that first cup of coffee of the day. I went to sleep with Broadchurch and then woke up with it as well. Excellent.


Definitely Highly Recommended for fans of the show.


Happy Reading Folks!