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Innocence by Dean Koontz - Review.

Innocence - Dean Koontz

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Hmm. Ok I'm a fan of Mr Koontz for the most part, earlier novels for absolute sure, Watchers, Strangers, the unfinished series I won't mention as I still get annoyed that the last book was never written, although I don't blame the author for that sometimes it just doesnt come, I understand that. Still, all brilliant. I re-read these semi regularly and enjoy them every time. Odd Thomas, in the first book, was pretty darn good then went all, well, like the rest of his books, in the same old direction.

Lets take "Innocence". It is my first Koontz book for a while that I have taken time to review although I've read a few over the last few years. A friend telling me that this was back on form made me decide I would review it whatever and for the first three quarters of it I was engaged, enthralled, loving the story. Despite some small little bugbears I was expecting to give it a MUCH higher rating than I have. Then the last bit happened. And seriously, I really did throw the book aside feeling quite cross. Which hey, I suppose is in a way a good thing as it evoked strong emotion - something reading is supposed to do!

I think that the author has a certain belief system and that belief system is creeping into all his novels so that none of them are about anything BUT that. Despite first glances where they may all seem to be different, ultimately they are all doing the same thing, saying the same thing, in a way preaching the same thing - all roads lead to the same small town . In the case of Addison Goodheart, I did hope for the majority of it that we might have a different destination, a darker, more original Koontz like place on the edge but nope. Back we were, where we've been for a while.

Now I'd like to make the point that Dean Koontz still writes beautifully. BEAUTIFULLY. Its not the quality of the writing that I think has changed, it is the quality of the storytelling. I would like him to make my heart pump madly like it did in "Strangers" or make me root for the dog like "Watchers" or scare the heck out of me so I won't go near a fairground for ages like in "Hideaway" and oh so many more that I could mention.

Didnt make the cut for me this one. If I was rating it on the first half of the novel alone it would be a 5. Shame really.

Happy Reading Folks!