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Broadchurch: The End is where it begins: Short Story review.


Publication Date: Available now from Headline.


Source: Purchased Copy


The first in a collection of eight short stories to run alongside the second series of ITV's BAFTA award-winning show, Broadchurch.
The stories, written by bestselling author Erin Kelly in close collaboration with Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall, will consist of 100% original plotlines that are tied closely to that evening's episode. The stories will offer an unrivalled opportunity to spend more time with the characters, allowing you to delve deeper into their lives, histories and secrets in order to find out what really makes them tick.


Note: Spoilers for S2 Episode 1 of Broadchurch



The first short "extension" story set in the Broadchurch world from Erin Kelly, this is a short, sharp read, giving a greater insight into what Ellie has been up to since her husband was arrested for the murder of Danny Latimer. Set before the dramatic courtroom events that we saw in Episode One, this is Ellie beginning her new job in Devon and showing us her path up to the point we find her again in that police car at the beginning of Series Two.


Already I can tell that this is going to be a terrific add on series to the show, in this case giving Ellie a voice beyond that which the fantastic Olivia Coleman does in the visual medium, filling in some of the background and letting us know some of her thoughts and feelings hidden underneath the exterior of a woman who is desperately holding on to some sort of future. Erin Kelly, as she did in her novelisation of Series One, has captured the character we see on screen perfectly, allowing for a greater understanding of what she is going through.


It is short - took me about 10 minutes to read - a coffee break story that will allow you to revisit Broadchurch in the days following each episode and expand the experience in a terrific way, I think it is a great idea and I will look forward to having each one to ease the usual frustrations of having to wait a week between each instalment. Certainly this has given me an even better feeling for the first episode after it has aired - seeing Ellie in that window of time before Joe throws yet another spanner in the works with two simple words, it was highly enjoyable and beautifully written.


Happy Reading Folks!