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Dead Souls by Elsebeth Egholm - Review.

Dead Souls - Elsebeth Egholm

Publication Date: Available now from Headline


Source: Bookbridgr


On All Hallows' Eve, ex-convict Peter Boutrup is visiting his best friend's grave when her estranged mother appears. Her son, Magnus, has disappeared, and she begs Peter to look for him.
The next day a young nun is pulled out of the moat at the convent in Djursland. She has been garrotted and Peter, who works there as a carpenter, was the last person to see her alive.


This is actually the second book in the "Peter Boutrup" series and I have not read the first - but this was easily read as a standalone and I thought it was superb.

When a young Nun is found murdered, her story links to a violent and unknown history. Peter Boutrop, who has problems of his own, gets caught up in the tangled web and is reluctantly drawn into a world he wants no part of.


There is a high quality character arc to this tale and the backdrop is brilliantly described to give you a sense of the surroundings. Quite apart from Peter there is a small group of well drawn, intriguing and often enigmatic characters to follow along with, whose lives you will find yourself hopelessly caught up in. I adored Peter as a character, so tough on the outside but just as conflicted inside as anybody else - his reluctance to get involved followed by an inate need to find the truth is endlessly compelling.


There are some great examples of Danish crime fiction around at the moment and this is top notch - beautifully written, with a very engaging and engrossing mystery, peppered with some marvellous and easily loveable characters, I shall definitely be reading the first book and I hope that the next one is not far away.


Highly Recommended for crime fiction fans.


Happy Reading Folks!