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The Iron Ghost by Jen Williams - Review.

The Iron Ghost - Jen Williams

Publication Date: 26th Feb 2015 from Headline


Source: Netgalley


Beware the dawning of a new mage... 
Wydrin of Crosshaven, Sir Sebastian and Lord Aaron Frith are experienced in the perils of stirring up the old gods. They are also familiar with defeating them, and the heroes of Baneswatch are now enjoying the perks of suddenly being very much in demand for their services.
When a job comes up in the distant city of Skaldshollow, it looks like easy coin - retrieve a stolen item, admire the views, get paid. But in a place twisted and haunted by ancient magic, with the most infamous mage of them all, Joah Demonsworn, making a reappearance, our heroes soon find themselves threatened by enemies on all sides, old and new. And in the frozen mountains, the stones are walking...


Lets start with "Beware the dawning of a new mage"...ha! Brilliant tagline for a brilliant book full of adventure and blinking good characters.


I was a HUGE fan of The Copper Promise, the first outing for our protagonists, it was great fun and a bit like a swashbuckling old school pirate movie in its feel and The Iron Ghost is no different, if anything its even more adventurous as our gang come into their own.


I'm a bit of a funny one with fantasy - the biggest fantasy series out there, The Lord of the Rings, I have never managed to get along with either in book or film form. It just goes on a bit..and on...and, well you get the picture. What I love about Jen Williams and her writing is how she manages to blend effortlessly a beautiful old school feel to the whole thing and a thoroughly modern twist that brings it bang up to date. It flows beautifully, is never dull, doesnt ramble but manages to keep you right in the heart of it throughout. Lovely jubbly.


I'm madly in love with the characters, the setting, the world building -  and just about everything you need for a great fantasy read is right here. The Promise of the first book has been solidified, no second book syndrome to be found and overall I HIGHLY recommend both this and "The Copper Promise" to anyone looking for a rollicking good tale and a whole lot of reading fun.


Happy Reading Folks!