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You Should Have Known. Review.

You Should Have Known - Jean Hanff Korelitz

Source: Netgalley Invited to Review.


I'll be fair and say I'm not HONESTLY sure what to say about this one. It was sold to me as a psychological thriller but it was not that so much as one womans journey through a time of crisis - as THAT it was good for sure.

I liked the writing, there is some wonderful prose here and it, I think, could be given the "Literary" tag if you like to put books in boxes - as such there is a wide appeal there, it just was not really for me.

Grace is a marriage counsellor and this was kind of a "physician heal thyself" themed novel, as a woman who looks after others and even has a bestselling book on the subject, she struggles to see through the cracks in her own life. There are a lot of threads running through it that deal with what I call "problems of the wealthy" which really did not appeal to me, although admittedly some of it was fascinating.

As an intriguing look at how we perceive ourselves and our place in the world it works very well, I can imagine a lot of people getting a lot out of it. Still, it was not quite what I was expecting, nor did it ultimately satisfy me entirely.

A very well written novel that was just not my cup of tea.

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