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What You Left Behind by Samantha Hayes - Review.

What You Left Behind: A Novel - Samantha Hayes

Publication Date: April 2015 from Crown Publishing.


Source: Netgalley


Five years ago, nineteen-year-old Simon Hawkeswell hanged himself in his family home in Warwickshire, England. The reasons behind his choice remain in devastating mystery, and what’s worse, not long after his death a wave of “sympathetic” suicides among local teens rocked the community. But that was then. A short-lived, sinister trend that’s faded into oblivion. Or so everyone thought. When a young man is kidded in a freak motorbike accident and the authorities find a suicide note on him, the nightmare of repeat suicides once again threatens their village. 


I have read two previous novels from Samantha Hayes  – the excellent “Someone Elses Son” and the even better “Until You’re Mine” both of which I enjoyed thoroughly so I was really looking forward to this one.


To be honest it was still pretty good – but I admittedly did not like it as much as the two I mentioned and I’m not entirely sure why.


It is a great premise, and some intriguing and emotional themes running through it, looking at issues of cyberbullying and suicide with a mystery element thrown in. Overall it was a good read for sure with some interesting characters and some great little twists and turns, I did remain engaged with it throughout. However it did lack something that has been present in the previous books I have read from this author, I did not find myself as emotionally involved with things, perhaps the story itself did not appeal to me in the same way.


Still some excellent writing to be had here and will certainly satisfy those with a love of this genre, but I would recommend Until You’re Mine over and above What You Left Behind if you are choosing one of Samantha Hayes books for the first time. I will be interested to see what she comes up with next and I also still have a couple from her backlist on my pile which I have not been put off reading in the slightest because whenever you read many books from one author you will always have your favourites. This just was not one of them.


A solid read, still excellent atmospherically, but middle of the road for me in comparison with the others.


Happy Reading Folks!