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Above by Isla Morley - Review.

Above - Isla Morley

The good news: I read it in pretty much one sitting today so it is very gripping.

The bad news: Thought the end was a let down,also this is as well, a book of two halves and I found the second half a bit disappointing although I can see what the author was trying to do.

The kidnap plot/sub theme was far superior to my mind - done extraordinarily well, a young girl kept underground for years by a survivalist, her day to day life, her initial determination to escape and how she is worn down, psychologically speaking this was intelligently drawn and absolutely compelling.

I can't tell you what happens in the second half because that would spoil it, but once that portion got going, although I was eager to keep reading and find out what was going to happen, it was clear fairly shortly that I was not going to be quite so engaged. It is difficult to say why - perhaps because of the way the first part of Blythes story was told, I was expecting something different to what I ended up with and maybe wanted more for her.

Overall though, very well written and it will be entirely subjective as to whether or not you go "Wow" as things progress or, like me, feel that the second half lacked the emotion and drama of the first.

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