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How I chose my Top Ten for 2014

So on 1st December I shall be revealing my Top Ten reads for 2014 and I've been asked a few times how I choose them...


Well its a bit like this...



Seriously though...


I start with No 1. And it is impulsive - the one that I keep going back to, often think about and never fail to push onto people. Jennifer Niven's All The Bright Places would almost definitely have been that novel had I read it in time, but I closed the list out a couple of weeks ago. As it is, in the end,  this year's No 1 was easy. No contest. Of course you'll have to wait to see what it was...


SO once I have the No 1 spot out the way, I simply let my mind wander. No 2 gets the next impulsive "Oh God I remember how much I loved THAT one!" feeling and so on and so forth until I have reached No 10.


You might think in that case that they would all be very recent reads. But it doesnt work out that way at all. In fact one of the books on the list is one I read way back in January 2014 and I still remember the sheer joy of reading it, when I started putting my mind to it there it was in my head.


Of course once this is done I am very tempted to change it out, take out one, add another but I resist the urge because when it came down to the wire the 10 I have is the 10 I SHOULD have. They all stayed with me enough to come to mind immediately when it was time to consider.


Of course I'm still reading some great books as we head into the New Year. Everything I've read since I made my decisions has been put into the mix for 2015, and someone will have to write an almost perfect novel to beat Bright Places already thats for sure - but who knows which of the wonderful upcoming reads I have will be popping gorgeous and beautiful into my head this time next year...


Anyway, there we go. Look out for that Top 10 coming soon - and do tell me what your top reads of this year have been!


Happy Reading Folks!