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Season of Fear by Brian Freeman - Review.

A Season of Fear (Cab Bolton) - Brian Freeman

Publication Date: Paperback 20th November 2014 Kindle available now from Quercus.


Source: Publisher Review Copy.


Lake Wales, Central Florida. Ten years ago, a political fundraiser became a bloodbath when a hooded assassin carried out a savage public execution. Three men were massacred, casting a dark shadow over the Sunshine State.
A decade on, history is threatening to repeat itself. The widow of one victim, herself now running for governor, has received an anonymous threat – a newspaper clipping from that fateful day, along with the chilling words ‘I’m back.’


I have been a quiet yet avid fan of Brian Freeman for many years now ever since I picked up a copy of “Immoral” featuring main protagonist Jonathon Stride rather randomly one day. Since then I have read all the novels, although this is the first I’ve read since reviewing seriously. They are all excellent crime thrillers, with exquisite psychological suspense mashed together with terrifically twisty mystery stories and Season Of Fear is no different.


This is the second of the authors new series featuring Cab Bolton – the first book “The Bone House” originally being intended to be a standalone, the character has been brought back due to popular demand. Unsurprisingly as he’s rather cool. And tall. I like that he is tall…


In this instalment, a huge storm is about to hit Florida and a storm of a different kind is about to hit an ongoing political campaign – ten years ago Diane watched in horror as her husband was gunned down in a savage attack during a political fundraiser. Now she herself is in the race for Governer and history may be about to repeat itself.  Cab Bolton agrees to look into the possibility of a threat and finds himself caught up in political shenanigans and facing real danger from an unknown source..


Fast paced without compromising character development, once again Mr Freeman has delivered a most terrific twisty tale that will keep you on your toes, introduced some new characters that I hope to see again and managed a great build up of tension and anticipation – the approaching tropical storm as an analogy for everything else works really well, the closer the hurricane the nearer Cab gets to the truth and you will be with him all the way.


As always there is a terrific supporting cast – Peach was a particular favourite of mine and I have a love/hate relationship with Cab’s movie star mother Tarla. The interaction and ongoing relationships Cab has are compelling and I am extremely pleased that there is obviously more to come.


The political intrigue is well drawn and riveting, the mystery behind who was responsible for the carnage ten years ago and who may be responsible for current issues is highly imaginative, with some great misdirection and clever little red herrings dotted about the timeline, it is a multi layered tale where anything could happen and this makes for fascinating reading.


Season of Fear could easily be read as a standalone, but I would recommend you start at the beginning both with this and with the Stride series. This is some great crime fiction right here and I would highly recommend both this and all the other books for fans of crime, mystery and psychological thrillers.


Happy Reading Folks!