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The Arc of the Swallow - Review.

The Arc of the Swallow: Søren Marhauge, Book 2 - Kristin Milward, Sissel-Jo Gazan, Charlotte Barslund

**Reviewed by Storm on behalf of Liz Loves Books**


I really cannot stomach people referring to things as being “a roller-coaster ride” when not talking about a theme park – and yet it's the first thing that pops into my head when thinking about this book!

'The Arc of the Swallow' has just about everything! Cram packed full of mystery, intrigue, and conspiracy – you will be left reeling from it all. You will also be deeply drawn into a world of murder, deep family secrets, love, hate, passion, fear, regret, betrayal, jealousy, tragedy, heartache, mental illness, terminal illness... PHEW! And that's still only scratching the surface!

We are taken through the story from the perspective of the two lead characters - Soren Marhauge, the 'kind of' police detective investigating the 'perhaps' suicide of a renowned scientist sat on the brink of a discovery that will rock the entire world, whilst also dealing with a slightly neurotic and definitely self-centred girlfriend, as well as a serious arse of a 'friend' and colleague whose own life is spiralling into disaster; and Marie Skov, the meek and devastated prodigy of the deceased scientist, suffering with her own personal hardships, including her own health seriously deteriorating, and the war zone in which she finds herself with her completely dysfunctional and dishonest family.

I don't know if I have ever read anything that is just so full to bursting with so much diverse content, with such extensive character development, that hasn't left the actual story suffering. But here, I was completely gripped throughout the entirety. The more I read, the more mysteries I half-uncovered, and the more I had a deep-rooted NEED to find out - just how far did the science conspiracy reach? Just what did happen to the Skov family that had left them with such misery and anger? And just how did Soren and Marie's own histories interconnect?

Now for balance – and because giving a completely flawless review does come difficult to me! - I have to admit that in hindsight, I was a little deflated with some of the discoveries. The Skov family history was, although tragic, not quite as sinister as I was led to believe; and the Soren/Marie connection was barely worth the mention let alone the build up. Having said that, these points were not enough to leave me at all disappointed – I was given a good sense of closure for each and every richly conveyed character, and the showdown on the criminal investigation side of things was really quite entertaining. Besides, after being pulled into these lives and experiencing just about every human emotion whilst I was at it, I'm not sure my heart could have coped with anything more dramatic than what I was given in the end – so yes, I'm probably just being greedy! And yes, this was a ruddy good read!

*Thanks go to Quercus for providing this book for review