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Written in the Blood by Stephen Lloyd Jones - Review

Written in the Blood - Stephen Lloyd Jones, Gemma Whelan

Publication Date: Available Now from Headline


Source: BookBridgr/Netgalley. Ok I was pretty determined to read this book!


High in the mountains of the Swiss Alps Leah Wilde is about to gamble her life to bring a powerful man an offer. A promise.
Leah has heard the dark stories about him and knows she is walking into the lion’s den. But her options are running out. Her rare lineage, kept secret for years, is under terrible threat. That is, unless Leah and her mother Hannah are prepared to join up with their once deadly enemies. Should the prey ever trust the predator?


Before I start the review I would note for Readers: I Highly Recommend that you read “The String Diaries” prior to “Written in the Blood” it will enhance the reading experience! Review here:




I loved The String Diaries, the first instalment in this absolutely brilliantly imaginative story and with Written in the Blood the author takes it up a notch – several notches in fact – and delivers a fantastic and often heart pounding tale steeped in an intelligently drawn mythology which he expands and improves upon making this an absolute page turner.


Here we find Leah, determined to find a way to help her people, entering dangerous territory in order to obtain support – but what she finds is not quite what she expects and as we move between past and present, discovering old alliances and events, it becomes more and more fascinating.


I hesitate to say too much about the actual plot because the joy of this one is very much in the world building and the characters and the strange lineage that Leah has discovered she is a part of.  Whilst The String Diaries set up this world beautifully, focussing very much on the thrill of the chase, Written in the Blood takes a step back and fills in some of  the blanks, gives the characters a greater depth and pulls you further into a hidden world which is often frightening yet always beautiful.


I am very fond of Leah but my heart was with Izsak throughout this one, all the characters are really well drawn and everyone will have their favourites, both old and new. The tension builds throughout, there is a magnificent finale and I really really hope that there is more to come.


Its not often that a sequel beats an original hands down, but I think in this case I would have to say that it has happened here. Whilst The String Diaries was dazzling and nicely original in its concept, Written in the Blood has outdone it by quite a clear margin for me. Stephen Lloyd Jones has been added to my “must read” list and I simply cannot wait for the next novel. No pressure Mr Lloyd Jones!


Highly Recommended


Happy Reading Folks!