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Near Enemy by Adam Sternbergh - Review.

Near Enemy: A Spademan Novel - Adam Sternbergh

Publication Date: January 13th 2015 from Crown


Source: Netgalley


It’s a year after Shovel Ready. Persephone is ensconced with her newborn upstate; Simon the Magician is struggling to keep control of Harrow’s evangelical empire; and Spademan has accepted a seemingly routine job: to snuff out a no-good bed-hopper named Lesser. Lesser has been causing headaches all over the limnosphere, racking up enemies left and right.


I loved the first “Spademan” book – Shovel Ready –  (review here: http://lizlovesbooks.com/lizlovesbooks/liz-currently-loves-shovel-ready-by-adam-sternbergh/ ) and if anything this one was even better. Now I adore Spademan with the fiery passion known only to avid readers. Not QUITE so fond of the author however after that ending…which was brilliant in its simplicity.


Anyway, back to the point. In this instalment, Spademan is hired to kill a bed hopper named Lesser, but when he gets there Lesser has a story to tell that gives Spademan pause for thought – and plunges him into another adventure, the usual total mayhem and intriguing decision making.


What I love most about these books is definitely the main protagonist – morally ambiguous at best, but extremely loveable, Spademan definitely rocks the world of fiction. Backed up by some other terrifically well drawn characters, steeped in a well imagined and intelligent mythology, the storytelling is fantastic and highly addictive. The writing really pops off the page – a kind of staccato rhythm to it that draws you in and keeps you there, it flows along at a tremendous pace with barely a pause for breath.


The lines between fantasy and reality blur in this world, where you can enter a dreamlike state and do pretty much whatever you like, even peep in on other peoples dreams – whilst being watched over  by people keeping you fed and watered so you never have to leave if you choose not to. It is a clever little plot twist that allows a smoke and mirrors type effect on the whole drama unfolding and some of the most exciting portions of Near Enemy take place in this netherworld – it is all a great deal of fun.


As Spademan uncovers a plot which may change everything you will hang onto every word, and be totally immersed in this world. The character building is superb – I am really quite fond of previous enemy Simon the Magician – his interaction and ever changing relationship with Spademan is witty and engaging – and Persephone also gets a lot more depth here.


Overall then a terrific follow up – definitely NOT suffering from “Second book syndrome” and I am very annoyed that I’ll probably have to wait a while to find out whats next. Real Readers Problems.


Highly Recommended



Find out more here :  http://adamsternbergh.com/


Follow the author on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/sternbergh


Pre-Order Information: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Near-Enemy-Adam-Sternbergh/dp/1472216199/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1415708637&sr=1-1&keywords=near+enemy+adam+sternbergh


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