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Significance by Jo Mazelis - Review.

Significance - Jo Mazelis

Publication Date: Available now from Seren


Source: Publisher review copy.


Lucy Swann is trying on a new life. She’s cut and dyed her hair and bought new clothes, but she’s only got as far as a small town in northern France when her flight is violently cut short. When Inspector Vivier and his handsome assistant Sabine Pelat begin their investigation the chance encounters of her last days take on a new significance. Lucy’s death, like a stone thrown into a pool, sends out far-reaching ripples, altering the lives of people who never knew her as well as those of her loved ones back home.


When the publisher contacted me to see if I would like to review “Significance” I thought it looked intriguing but I did not expect that I would love it as much as I did  – this was a truly amazing and involving read that gripped me utterly, I read it in a few huge gulps this weekend and I am actually very sad to have finished it.


Haunting and beautifully written, we follow Lucy during her last few days of life and the people and situations she interacts with. After her body is discovered, these chance meetings and events take on a whole new significance and there are consequences, both big and small, for all the people who crossed her path during her final journey, as well as those she left behind and those who are thrown into investigating.


Absolutely engaging, characters are key here – the author takes us between one and another, telling their story, and Lucy’s, with a deft hand and some really wonderful prose that pops off the page and gets into your head. There is an eerie feel to the whole thing, knowing as you do that Lucy will not survive her last night, the title is extremely apt – the significance of everything happening as you read is increased tenfold by the knowledge of what is to come.


There is a mystery element but I would not call this a mystery novel – whilst of course you would like to know who is responsible for Lucy’s demise it is far from being the important part of the story – strange you might think, but true. It is all about the people, the truly devastating effect this will have on some of them and how the fallout from one horrific event can ripple outwards and be even more far reaching than first is apparent.


Every single character you meet in this book is fascinating – well drawn, great psychological depth and the author gives you a real feel for all of them whether you meet them once or a few times. I sometimes found myself getting quite cross with Lucy for dying – how awful is that to blame the victim for the consequence –  but often I couldnt help it as other characters I had grown very fond of got caught up in the maelstrom. Jo Mazelis writes with such a poetic quality, you cannot help but be drawn into the world she creates and feel every last emotion you have in you.


A truly truly wonderful novel – with an ending that will stay with me forever, this one deserves a lot of attention and I really cannot recommend it highly enough. Not enough stars in the world!


Happy Reading Folks.